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MAUL - Gallery Of Torment - CD
Cavernous Records

MAUL - Gallery Of Torment - CD

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GALLERY OF TORMENT is a compilation of choice cuts spanning our existence and then was released for the bands debut on vinyl with Corrupted Flesh Records (EU) and then in worldwide conspiracy with Hostile Records (Asia) on cassette, Frozen Screams Imprint (US) cassette, and Cavernous Records (UK) for the official cd run.

Tracks 1-4 from "Monarchy of Mold" 2020 ep
Tracks 5,6 from "Midwest Death demo" 2018
Tracks 7,8 from "Deity Demise" 2020 demo
Tracks 9,10 from "Soaked in Penance, Solicit the Torture" 2018 demo
Tracks 11,12 from "Adoration through Annihilation" 2019 split with Avarice