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SKELETON OF GOD - Primordial Dominion - cassette
Burning Dogma Records

SKELETON OF GOD - Primordial Dominion - cassette

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Skeleton Of God, based in Denver, Colorado, took form from the ashes of Hideous Corpse and helped forging Death Metal and Brutal Death Metal back in the 90s with their debut EP "Urine Garden" showing everybody that there were no boundaries in the genre. "Primordial Dominion" continues this way, a trip definitely without any kind of limitation, incorporating huge doses of psychedelia, mind bending doomish passages and severe attacks of grinding death metal.
The line-up saw the presence of Joel DiPietro (also in Exit-13, Satan's Bake Sale) who recently passed away at the age of 44.

For fans of Cephalic Carnage, Sleep, Pink Floyd